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Nature and Universal Life Force Class

  • 開始日期 Oct 21
  • $1500-$2500
  • 93 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong



➡️🌲🐶🐱🐰🐒 Nature Life Force Class - Communication with Animals and Nature (Oct 21, 2023) (Sat) (10 am to 5 pm) (Fees: HKD$1,500/per person) This one-day class will allow you to open all of your inner intuitive senses so you can connect on a deeper level to all living things in the universe. You will feel how you are ONE with EVERYTHING. This Oneness helps you feel the flow of natural and universal energies and allow them to help you in all areas of your life. • One Technique To Open All Inner Intuitive Senses. • Connect With The Stream Of Consciousness Of All Living Beings (Animals, plants, minerals, planets, stars, air, earth, fire, and water) • Communicate With All Living Beings (Animals, plants, minerals, planets, stars, air, earth, fire, and water) ➡️🪐🌎🌗⭐️💦 Universal Life Force Class - Connecting to Stars, Planets, Galaxies, Parallel Universes, and Other Beings in The Universe (Oct 22, 2023) (Sun) (10 am to 5 pm) (Fees: HKD$1,500/per person) This one–day class will teach you how to connect and communicate with the life forces of the planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies. You will also learn how to communicate with higher beings and councils who oversee these life forces. Find out: • Why they were created • How they support the Universe • Their spiritual purpose • Why Earth is going through this health and renewal cycle • The planets you lived on • Communicate with a planet where had you the happiest and most successful life • How to develop a deeper communication process with your HS and Committees 📌If you sign up for both the fee is HK$2,500 per person. 📌No audio or video recordings provide to all participants. 📌Successful completion of the class will be awarded a certificate. You will be able to communicate with animals immediately. ➡️🌲🐶🐱🐰🐒自然生命力課程-如何與動物和大自然溝通 (2023年10月21日) (星期六) (10 am to 5 pm) (費用: 每人港幣1,500元) 這為期一天的課程將幫助你打開所有內在直覺感官,從而更深層次地連接宇宙中的所有生物。 你將體會到自己與一切本為一體。 這種一體性可助你感受自然能量和宇宙能量的流動,並讓它們在你生活的所有範疇提供幫助和指引。 • 只需一種打開所有內在直覺感官的技巧 • 連接所有生命體的意識流(動物、植物、礦物、行星、恆星、空氣、地球、火、水) • 與所有生命體(動物、植物、礦物、行星、恆星、空氣、地球、火、水)進行溝通 ➡️🪐🌎🌗⭐️💦宇宙生命力課程- 關於與恆星,行星,星系,平行宇宙和宇宙中的其他存在體的連繫 (2023年10月22日) (星期日) (10 am to 5 pm) (費用: 每人港幣1,500元) 這為期一天的課程將幫助你了解如何與不同的行星、恆星、太陽系和星系的生命力聯繫和溝通。 同時,你將學習如何與監督這些生命力的更高存在體和理事會成員進行溝通。 探索: • 這些生命力為何被創造 • 他們如何支持着宇宙 • 他們的靈性目的 • 為什麼地球正經歷健康和更新周期 • 你所生活過的其他星球 • 與曾讓你經歷最幸福、最成功生活的星球交流 • 如何與你的高我和靈性委員會建立更深入的溝通流程 📌 如同時報名<自然生命力課程> 和<宇宙生命力課程>,費用合共港幣 2,500 元。 📌 課程並不提供錄音或視頻記錄。 📌 成功完成課程將獲得證書。您將能夠與動物交流。



  • 93 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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